Sunday, February 24, 2019

Barefoot in the Dark

The levees broke today inside me.
“When you’re done with me, I see a negative space.”
James Blake. James Blake.

I started “feministripper” in February 2013, on Twitter.
Back then, the online sex work community was dramatically
smaller, and I joined it because sex work can be very isolating
due to the stigma. I wanted connection, not unlike the connections
forged backstage. And that’s exactly how it was.
I’m grateful that it’s bigger now. We are truly all we have.
A lot has happened since then, both online and in all of our lives.
I’ve been doxxed, in the press, and written for publications.
FOSTA/SESTA happened. So much has changed. So much.
My ankles are weaker now, and my knees are damaged,
but I wouldn’t trade this community or this life for anything.
Twitter took me down first. Then Instagram, but I got that back and just
got past 10,000 followers, which is surreal. Tinder came next, and if we are
being persnickety, technically PayPal and Venmo came for me first.
Working in the sex industry just trying to EXIST is trying, most of the time.
“feministripper” as a space, specifically a space to
educate on issues, destigmatize my world and THE world,
& to uplift the voices and experiences of others, means so much to me.
Radical vulnerability. Change via softness.
Thank you, to everyone who’s ever and continues to support me. Thank you
so much for seeing me. Thank you for believing in me.
I love you.

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